Our, that is Giorgio Netti's and my new book
"The Techniques of Saxophone Playing"
is available now. The editor is BAERENREITER (Kassel) and the reference is: ISBN 978-3-7618-2114-5. You can also purchase it through the website:

This publication is aimed at advanced saxophone players as well as composers. Its second edition will be out in july 2011.

A new way of describing and catalogizing multiphonic sounds are one of the major issues of this book. We also tried to describe different playing technques with examples and comments for players as well as for composers.



Sound! Some "clips" of not edited or no more available recordings on youtube:

Georg Friedrich Haas: Concerto for Baritone Saxophone;

Giacinto Scelsi: KYA (1st movt); Marcus Weiss, sax and Ensemble Contrechamps (Geneva), Jürg Wyttenbach, conductor

J.S. Bach: BWV 639; Marcus Weiss, sax. and Teodoro Anzellotti, accordion

Guillaume Dufay: Resveilles Vous; Marcus Weiss, sax. and Teodoro Anzellotti, accordion

M. Weiss: White Frame; Marcus Weiss soprano saxophone


marcus weiss, saxophon